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Power 360™ Knee Support - 20% OFF

Power 360™ Knee Support - 20% OFF

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Would you like to Stand Easier, Lift Heavier, Run Faster, Jump Higher without knee pain?

Better Performance, Less Pain, Prevent injury, Full Support, with Power 360™

Guaranteed to give you 360 knee support and feel less pain from previous injuries.

Guaranteed to help with athletic performance, jump higher, squat more etc.

Guaranteed to help with injury prevention, prevention is better than cure.

Guaranteed to keep the knee joint and leg warm during workouts.

Guaranteed to be the perfect gift for anyone with knee injuries or that works out.

*We Only Sell The New & Improved Premium 360Strong™ Full Compression Knee Support "With Strap". We Do Not Sell Older Version.*


Feel the freedom of being able to use your legs to the fullest without knee pain! Once you put on the sleeves, you will notice a difference.

Relieve joint pressure and reduce ligament stress while increasing athletic performance! Stand easier, walk lighter, run faster, jump higher and lift heavier!



This new innovative design for knee support is revolutionary, the 360 compression and leg warmth features increase the support to the joint, thus preventing future injuries whilst also helping with current injuries.

Protecting joints is crucial for avoiding long term health issues like arthritis, bursitis or even dislocations. Our Full Compression Knee Sleeve supports and alleviates pressure put on your knees.

It's not just a recovery tool, it's a performance tool. 

Don't already have knee pain? Let's keep it that way! The compression sleeves protects your knees and prevent future knee injuries. It also increases overall power output.  


The 360Strong™ Full Compression Knee Support increases athletic performance, helping you lift heavier in the gym, run faster or jump higher and all whilst protecting the knee and keeping you warm.



They are great providing support to knees during activity as well as helping them heal during rest by improving blood flow and circulation.. it's always good to be prepared and have a back up pair!

360Strong™ is perfect for any activity, the gym, basketball, football, boxing, hiking, even a day at the office.. these full compression sleeves will have you ready for whatever comes your way! 


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How to Wash

Hooray!! Wireless Bra can be machine washed! However hand wash will prolong its lifespan. Our fabrics & materials are durable.

The average lifespan of healthy underwear is about 1-2 years, depending on the frequency of usage and washing methods. If there are more replacement underwear, the lifespan will be longer.


We selling to Malaysia,Japan & Singapore.Our office located in JB Malaysia, items manufactured in Guangzhou.

Shipping Fee

▪️Peninsular Malaysia RM8

▪️East Malaysia RM15

▪️Singapore RM25

Free Shipping For Order Above RM200 (Within Malaysia).

Bra & clothing is our own brand + Japanese packaging, directly ship from warehouse. All items are Ready stock International Shipping.Receive parcel 5-10 working days.

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