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Long Sleeve Plain Shirt

Long Sleeve Plain Shirt

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1XL 胸围95 肩宽39 衣长62

2XL 胸围100 肩宽41 衣长63

3XL 胸围105 肩宽42 衣长64

4XL 胸围110 肩宽43 衣长65

5XL 胸围115 肩宽44 衣长66

6XL 胸围120 肩宽45 衣长67

7XL 胸围125 肩宽48 衣长68

8XL 胸围130 肩宽49 衣长69

9XL 胸围135 肩宽50 衣长69

10XL  胸围145 肩宽55 衣长69


1XL Bust 95 Shoulder Width 39 Length 62
2XL Bust 100 Shoulder Width 41 Length 63
3XL Bust 105 Shoulder Width 42 Length 64
4XL Bust 110 Shoulder Width 43 Length 65
5XL Bust 115 Shoulder Width 44 Length 66
6XL Bust 120 Shoulder Width 45 Length 67
7XL Bust 125 Shoulder Width 48 Length 68
8XL Bust 130 Shoulder Width 49 Length 69
9XL Bust 135 Shoulder Width 50 Length 69
10XL Bust 145 Shoulder Width 55 Length 69



How to Wash

Hooray!! Wireless Bra can be machine washed! However hand wash will prolong its lifespan. Our fabrics & materials are durable.

The average lifespan of healthy underwear is about 1-2 years, depending on the frequency of usage and washing methods. If there are more replacement underwear, the lifespan will be longer.


We sell to Malaysia, USA, Japan & Singapore.Our office located in JB Malaysia, items manufactured in Guangzhou.

Worldwide Shipment available.

Shipping Fee

▪️Peninsular Malaysia RM8

▪️East Malaysia RM15

▪️USA $5

▪️Singapore RM25

Free Shipping For Order Above RM200 (Within Malaysia).

Free Shipping For Order Above USD100. (USA)

Bra & clothing is our own brand + Japanese packaging, directly ship from warehouse. All items are Ready stock International Shipping.Receive parcel 5-10 working days.

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