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Luna-Luna ⭐️(Period Underwear)

Luna-Luna ⭐️(Period Underwear)

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" I can finally live life during my period without constant worry and checking for leaks! "

Save 10-20 Sanitary Pads a month.

The most painless alternative. 

Wear it alone or with sanitary pads. 

During light flow, you can use the underwear alone.

For heavy flow or the second to third day of the period,

you can use menstrual underwear in combination with sanitary pads/menstrual cups/tampons to completely prevent side or back leakage.

✔️4-layer professional leak-proof fabric.

✔️Antibacterial and breathable.

✔️Absorbency: 35ml of liquid

( = 3 regular pads / 3 tampons).

Wear it during sleep for 100% peace of mind.

No matter what sleeping position you're in, there's no need to worry.

It fully covers the entire backside area.

Fabric: Viscose Fiber95%, Spandex 5%

Easy to clean. 

Rinse away menstrual blood with water. Soak in baking soda powder for one hour, and clean with laundry detergent to remove stains.

Or wash directly with feminine laundry detergent. (Done in 3-5 minutes)


Did you know?

Over 90% of the materials used in sanitary pads are plastic, which takes 500 years to decompose. 

If we use one pad less, the Earth will have fewer waste to digest.

Save 10-20 Sanitary Pads a month.

Save Your Pocket $. Save the Earth.

If you're unsure, at least, it can serve as a pre-protection panties before your period starts.Lower the waste before the period really starts.

Start Now to have a peace of mind for 100% No leaks.

+ Release our planet 🌍 earth's burden.

How to Wash

Hooray!! Wireless Bra can be machine washed! However hand wash will prolong its lifespan. Our fabrics & materials are durable.

The average lifespan of healthy underwear is about 1-2 years, depending on the frequency of usage and washing methods. If there are more replacement underwear, the lifespan will be longer.


We sell to Malaysia, USA, Japan & Singapore.Our office located in JB Malaysia, items manufactured in Guangzhou.

Worldwide Shipment available.

Shipping Fee

▪️Peninsular Malaysia RM8

▪️East Malaysia RM15

▪️USA $5

▪️Singapore RM25

Free Shipping For Order Above RM200 (Within Malaysia).

Free Shipping For Order Above USD100. (USA)

Bra & clothing is our own brand + Japanese packaging, directly ship from warehouse. All items are Ready stock International Shipping.Receive parcel 5-10 working days.

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